28 November 2016

20 years of a Saferworld

Last year Saferworld marked their 25th anniversary of campaigning to make ours a safer world. This year I mark the 20th year of designing their Annual Review! It’s a bit of a challenge to keep things the same but different, but I think we’ve managed to shift the design on a bit each time, without […]

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14 November 2016

Good Food Guide

I worked on the Good Food Guide earlier this year, putting the content together with Sara Venn from Incredible Edible Bristol, freelance food writer Ramona Andrews, Steph Wetherell from The Locavore, Real Economy and Bristol Food Producers, Francine Russell from all about food, and Sally Scholefield and Jane Stephenson from Resource Futures. The guide is intended […]

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10 November 2016

New Impact Report for Youth United

I’ve recently finished work on the 2015-16 Impact Report for Youth United Foundation. They’re an umbrella organisation for 11 different youth organisations across the country which provide volunteering and activity opportunities for young people. Youth United’s ultimate goal is for every young person in the country to have the chance to join a group local […]

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