10 November 2016

New Impact Report for Youth United

I’ve recently finished work on the 2015-16 Impact Report for Youth United Foundation. They’re an umbrella organisation for 11 different youth organisations across the country which provide volunteering and activity opportunities for young people. Youth United’s ultimate goal is for every young person in the country to have the chance to join a group local to them.

This is my fourth year of working on the Impact Report and I think that this year’s design reflects the organisation’s maturity – not to mention their success in delivering key targets ahead of schedule. We switched from an A4 format to 210mm square last year, which made the publication a lot more friendly and welcoming. This year, we’ve used much bolder colour, making much better use of the striking blue and orange which were already in the organisation’s corporate identity, but which in previous years had been down-played in favour of using neutral pale blues and warm greys.

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